Wayland Has Been Studying Our Library Issue For Years

We've Done Our HomeworkSince 2001, library services and the land at 5 Concord Road have been diligently studied by:

  • 6 Committees – comprised of more than 70 elected, appointed, and volunteer citizens
  • 5 Professional Firms of Architects and Engineers
  • 4 Library Consultants and
  • 2 Survey Analysts

These committees, with input from 2,414 survey respondents, plus forum and focus group attendees, have produced 8 Final Reports.

Nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been spent.

CONCLUSION: The site restrictions and building deficiencies are complex.  New studies will not change the existing conditions of the land or of the building. The fact is, Wayland needs a new library building.

We’ve done enough studies. It’s time to act. 

Click here for a detail list of the studies and forums.