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Wayland is a vibrant community that attracts some of our state’s brightest and most accomplished citizens. We have a top-tier school system, abundant conservation land, and most importantly, an engaged community. Our library building — a focal point of community life in any town — unfortunately no longer comes close to meeting the needs of a population of our caliber or size.

We lack study space for individuals and for small groups.  We lack meaningful space for lectures, classes, and large groups. We lack space dedicated to teenagers. We lack a welcoming children’s space that is large enough for our many young families. And we lack access to a sufficient number of computers for use by our residents.  Modern libraries in towns that value education have all of these things and more, making them places where communities learn, work, gather, and connect.  

We are clearly in need of a new facility, and the state recognized that need by offering Wayland $10.1 million in grant money to help us build a new library. However, that grant money is only available if we support Ballot Question #1 on March 27, and Article #17 at Town Meeting on April 3 (we need both).

This page provides information about why we need the new library, why renovating the old building isn’t an option, and why it would be a mistake for us not to seize this limited-time opportunity to accept state money and invest in our children, adults, and seniors.




Site paid for by New Wayland Library YES

New Proposed Library

Proposed New Library at 195 Main St

The new site will be located front of the Wayland Middle School at the site of the former Highway Department garage. The proposed building will bring us into range of state and national library standards. The illustrations you see here are preliminary sketches until the project funding is approved.

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Notice that while we expect a healthy increase in the number of books we can display, the most significant growth will take place in the form of more *spaces* to connect people who want to exchange information and learn.

The preliminary design calls for a two-story facility of 33,530 square feet at 195 Main Street (beside the Middle School) with a separate children’s wing, a dedicated space for teens and young adults, a meeting room with 100-seat capacity, several small conference rooms, increased seating throughout the library, increased shelving for collections, improved computer and Internet access, and increased working spaces for staff. It also includes adequate parking for patrons and staff.

View Preliminary Concept Design Layout